Medical Cylinders

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Medical Cylinders

Medical gas cylinders need extra care as they need to be ultra clean from inside so as to avoid any contaminations. SCPL produces cylinders with special care to ensure that they have smooth, clean internal surfaces and free from contaminates. Externally cylinders are coated with good quality enamel/epoxy paint to meet Indian standards and as well as specific customer requirements.

SCPL's high pressure seamless steel gas cylinders for industrial gases like oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, helium, air etc. are designed to withstand against rough handling, so they are made from the high quality seamless steel pipes confirming to International standard.

Cylinders for Domestic Market are manufactured as per the stringent norms of Indian Standard and certified by Bureau of Indian standards (BIS) and approved by The Chief Controller of Explosives (CCOE), Government of India, Nagpur.

Cylinders for International Market are manufactured as per the standards prevailing in various countries.

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